Bedwetting, Helping Adults Sleep Better At Night

The problem of wetting the bed in the case for adults is nothing new. For adults who suspect that they are at risk or have the potential for bed wetting should consult a doctor who could safely determine if the problem is a serious one.Adult night time wetting is usually accompanied by another case of defect and is not really a solitary case. Wetting the bed may accompany a person who is struck with diabetes, or a person suffering from kidney or bladder infections, or even a urinary tract infection (UTI). Even if there are adult diapers sold in the market that may help one feel more comfortable, the issue of why one still bed wets in the adult ages still is a cause for concern.In the search for the causes of bed wetting, there have been a plethora of suggested causes. These have ranged from allergies, blood anemia, to the climate. It has been discovered that adults bed wet are mainly due to psychological reasons such as stress and trauma.For some cases, it is the decrease of the elastic strength of the bladder to hold the liquid from ones child hood to the present. It is only when the muscles are not anymore strong enough to keep the liquid in is why many adults tend to bed wet.Treatment
There are some medications that can be taken to help adult control their bed wetting problems. One drug called DDAVP, helps the body reduce the amount of liquid it produces so that the bladder does not have the need to urinate. This is not a one stop solution but only a measure to control it.Adults who have insomnia may not be as confident to using this drug for it tends to produce added complications and may make the adult bed wet more than needed.The beauty of the DDVAP is that it comes in many forms. It may be consumed as a pill or as a nasal spray. There is also no set time limit or period to take the medication since it is not addictive or harmful. Some adults may experience headaches or nausea related to the drug but nothing more.Another medication that can be taken by adults is an anti-depressant drug called Imipramine. This drug drastically reduces the amount of liquid produced by the body at night but has serious side effects.Adult bed wetting is a problem that many doctors are used to treating and it is not something that is untreatable. Adults who have this dilemma should not feel ashamed but seek treatment for it.